viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015


Carry on my wayward san
there'll be peace when you are done
lay your weary head to rest
don't you cry no more

There's no other words that can express better how I feel now about the ending of this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love to write, but at this point is exhausting. I have so many homeworks to make! It's like hell on earth.

But this last post is to talking about this english class. More than nothing, about this blog. Like I say before, I love to write, but must confess that there was some post that I don't like it so much, like that one about technology. Anyway, was very interesting write about that and other topics. And now I handle better de past and future times!! That makes me very happy, ‘cause it’s my biggest problem with English.

One of my problems it’s the time, because I’m very, veeeeery slow!!! At everything :’(. So, the first post I was fighting against the clock, and always finished at the limit!!! Was  a bit stressful. But once I watch the post in my blog, I feel very happy :3.

The first time that I heard about blogs, I thought that we would write about daily stuff, or things that we like to do, or thoughts, like usually the people do. So, I would to do that in a future blog, if there is.

I think it’s more funny  just let us express our feelings and thoughts about our day or things that call our attention. It’s more creative and personal. But this also was a great experience :3.

Ps: The song is the Supernatural emblem. It's used in the end of season for make a counting of the splot. And I just love it <3.

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

I'll go for my four leaves clover!

There's a big green and rainy earth, with huge and old castles at the top of hills, full of interesting superstitions, and cheerful and magic music, trapped between celtic seas: Ireland. The earth of goblin and the four leaves clover (hahaha).

I always felt attracted to this magical and beautiful country, first of all because of his celtic legends and history. For his superstitions and beliefs, and obviously his gorgeous landscapes!!! (I just fell in love with them). For the weather always (or almost) rainy, ‘cause I really like the rain and cold climates. And his intense green earth. I’m sure you realize that when it rains, the grass and leaves gets greener, and it seems to me like it’s coming to life. And Ireland it’s always this way!! (Green and blue are my favorites colors ever xd).

But I also love the celtic and Irish music, it’s full of rhythms and it’s so energetic and peaceful and relaxing at the same time. It always makes me happy, and inspires me. It has something else too, but I just can’t describe what. Anyway, I discovered it when was a teen, don’t remember the exactly year, and don’t have a favorite band or singer or composer that make this music, I just write “irish music” on youtube and put some playlist xd (but they’re always good :3).

So, this one of my biggest dreams: visit this wonderful land someday (I hope sooner than later :p).  

It's sooooo beautiful!!!!!!

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Now comes PARADISE!

This is a very special day to write. It's like when you feel that everything conspires in your favor, and the day just get better and better. 

This is awsome!!!! I've been waiting for this for to loooooooooong!!!!!!


They are my favorite band ever, it doesn’t matter how much time pass, or how long without listen it, every time I hear their songs, I just love it and lost myself in my own world. And can’t stop listen to them and enjoy.

I met them officially (hahaha, like if I really met them in person xd) in the summer of the year 2009, thanks to my best friend Feña. Of course I had already heard songs of them, but I had no idea who they were xd. And I spent all the summer listening to their songs. An entire world had opened before me, one so beautiful, peaceful, inspirational, magical and awesome!!

I have so many good and beautiful memories with his music. Coldplay accompanied me during all my adolescence since the travel to the field of Santa Cruz, every month, until evenings with my friends. Even now I use them for calm down and write tales or things like that in my free time. O livens up when I’m sad.

But, the most beautiful memories that I have with his songs, are the nights when I was sleeping my little sister when she was just a baby. For almost his first year of life, I was the only one that could make her sleep, walking with her in my dark room. She was so lovely and tender!!! (well, she still is :3). And she loves them too!!!

Well, my dad likes them too, and it’s one of the things that we have in common (with a lot more xd). The thing is, that exist one song very, very special to me, not because it’s my favorite, in fact, I didn’t like it so much xd. But, as I said, it’s special. Elephants don’t mean the same to me anymore.

Live away of your family it’s hard, even more if you are as caring with yours as I am. At middle of the second semester last year, my dad sent me an email (we do that sometimes xd), dedicating me a song, ‘cause Martin (the vocalist) wrote it to his daughter… I cried a lot while listening and read the translation. It’s something that I will never forget and will always carry in my heart.

And after realize that my little sister, Trini, singing it every day, ‘cause it’s one of his favorite songs, it become in one of mine too. My own little paradise.

(How I couldn’t found the official video with lyrics, I let this one her, listen to it!)

So, April 3 of 2016, I have a meeting with Coldplay! So much love to them!!! <3.

"And so lying underneath those stormy skies
She'd say, 'oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I know the sun must set to rise'

This could be para-para-paradise

This could be para-para-paradise
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh".

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Am I cold?

It was the year 1966, and the magazine Esquire had asked to write a profile about Frank Sinatra, one of the most important artists of that times. It was a huge challenge, because he had already rejected thousands of interviews. But, after months of arduous investigations, many interviews and conversations with friends, family, and people that worked with him, the best profile of the complicated singer. It’s not only considered one of the best profiles of journalism, but also one of the first articles of the New Journalism. Frank Sinatra has a cold.

Gay Talese was born on February 7 of 1932, in Ocean City, United States. It’s son of two Italian immigrants, a tailor and a dressmaker, reason why he has never felt completely American. His family was poor, so he went through many difficulties as a child. And the profession of his parents explains his neat and elegant way of dress up.

When he had 15 years old, his football couch asks him if he wanted to write about his teammates. And since that day, he never stops writing about people, he even confess in one interview that, in fact, he always write about them.

For some people, he is considerate as the father of the New Journalism, with Tom Wolfe, but the beginning of this literary stile, has always been diffuse.

He was tired of the unexpressive way of the informative journalism, with so many and boring rules, that he quite to The New York Times and decided to work in a magazine, to have more freedom at the time of writing. And Esquire hired him, and asked a Frank Sinatra profile…And now you know the rest.

For me, and almost everyone, he is one of the best journalists of this style. He is so committed with his articles and investigations, that he, literally, LIVES every story.

So I invited you to read some article or book of this wonderful journalist, that introduced him salve in the gangster’s territory (so much that he even became a friend of many gangsters), and published one of his famous books: “Honor thy Father”. That inspire the series The sopranos.   

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

White and Yellow barks

In my house there is a kind of rule that never can be broken, although it's more like a tradition: should always be two dogs, a male and a female. 

Laika and Beto have ten and nine years old, respectively, and they are very different. Laika is big and yellow, it's a mix between a labrador retriever and other indeterminate race xd, and because of her genetic heredity, she is veeeeeeery energetic and playful. And that's why we call her "crazy" (with love, obviously). 

Have you seen any film of Beethoven? Well, I gues so, 'cause they are very famous. The thing is, that I really liked it, so I wanted to name a dog on that way. But the male dog that arrived to my house was a little and white male poodle, so cute!! And sooo small, that Beethoven was too big for he. So, I decided shorten the name to Beto... months later I realized that it was also the vocalist of La Ley xd (yeah, I'm a big fan of them...). Anyway, he was my mother's boy until my little sister was born; but he still is veeeery spoiled. He even have his onw side of the couch!!! And we can't sit there in the night, 'cause is his bed ¬¬.

Unfortunately, I haven't pictures of Laika, but it's not hard of imaginate how it is. And she have a beautiful mole in the noise, that remainds to my self, 'cause I have a lot of them :'). 

I really love them, but can't see them too much, 'cause I study here in Santiago, and they are in Curicó. But it's better for them...less noise and more peace :3.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Wich is the best place for a photograph? Of course the bathroom!!

This is defenitly one of my favourites photographs, taken by one of my best friends, Fernanda, in November, 11 of 2011. our last year of high school.

It was one of the last days of class, in fact, the last week. Before the graduation and taken the PSU, we wanted to liberate our self of an opresive school of nuns...Not so opresive, but we all hate it a litte bit at the end, you know, so much pray, an bible, an visits to the chruch every single month, it's exhaustic. An the inspectors didn't let us do anything, so we wanted to be rebels for one day. And one of ours best idea was taking a photo on the bathroom, and it was veeery funny!!

On the picture they are: Pauli, Isaías, Pía, Feña, Silvia and me (from left to right), almost all my group of friends in highschool.

Honestly, I don't remember who has the idea, or why had to be the bathroom, but certenly, I will NEVER forget this picture.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

All my love to the Winchester brothers

The road so far...

It was the year 2009, I was in second year of high school and decided to watch one serie that captured my attention when sow his promo on  TV: Supernatural, with fifteen years old, unaware that would became in my favorite TV show EVER.

The serie is about two brothers looking for his father, a hunter that disappeared when was hunting. The thing is, that mosnters really exist, and he was chasing after one. For that reason, Dean Winchester, the older brother who always followed to his dad, asks his little brother Sam to help him to find his father. That way, both brothers return to the old times of hunting together, face to all kind of scary and evil creatures.

At night, with the door closed and the light off, sitting alone infornt of thecomputer, with the headphones put, I watch Supernatural and in many times jump of fear! But it can't be helped, I love it! That emotion of not knowing what will happen, who's the monster, what kind, if they will live or die. The spot caught me completely, and the mistery, action, music and funny times. But specially the characters, and actors! They're all sooooooo funny.

One thing that I really, really love of this show, is the importance taht give to the family and friendship, and the love they have. Dean has teach me that I can do everything to help my beloved ones, it doesn't exist any obstacle to be with them or do anything. To give all of me and never surrender. That life many times sucks, and it is cruel, but you have to keep fighting for what you believe in. And if you are with your belowed ones, it doen't matter if you lose a lot of things, because you have everything. (Yes, Dean is my favourite character :B, and the most funny xd).

This is the Winchester's motto:

More than nothing, it's about family... and fight against demon to keep the world save :). 

And also I love it because the actors are very funny, and have a very good relationship between them, specially Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam).

How not to love Supernatural?